Over 6,000 start-ups run in Israel. Hundreds are being founded each year in all tech verticals. The Israeli entrepreneurship culture is outstanding in a global scale and manufactures endless success stories. indihub Group offers a strategic and innovative approach for leading organizations, which has the resources, market and know-how – to help Israeli start-ups grow and benefit from their growth, thus creating a true win-win situation and nurture future technologies under one professional umbrella.

By establishing innovation presence in Israel and running relevant programs – such as incubators, boutique-accelerators, entrepreneurship programs, workshops and professional meetups – the organization can promote to start-ups of tomorrow and benefit from this unique eco-system.

Who we are

indihub Group is a collective of skilled entrepreneurs, managed by the innovation architects, Eliran Binman and Guy Zaks, set to re-design how innovation eco-systems work. indihub provides high-end boutique innovation services to corporations, municipalites, entrepreneurs and investors globally.

Featured Innovation Projects



Profiling the organization’s DNA: strategy and goals, HR qualities, market presence, technological advantages, available resources and other relevant factors.



Mapping and learning the innovation eco-system within the selected relevant tech fields. Scouting for start-ups, hubs, incubators, governmental activities, funding vehicles, success stories, competitors etc.



Giving the research products we enter the process of planning the innovation centre, based on goals and budget: innovation programs alternatives, physical environment, operational needs, marketing strategy and KPI definition.



Once the unique concept of the innovation centre is clear – we provide a business plan and actively assist with the initial establishment of the operation.

indihub group provides access to a list of trusted high-end services providers, skilled personnel and experienced advisers to support the hub ongoingly.

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