Investor Services

Investing In Startups

Our group provides services both to domestic and foreign investors. Our experience includes investing in dozens of Israeli startups from pre-seed to round A stages, thus allowing us to bring only the best and most modern practices of financing a startup. It is our belief that an investment deal is actually an establishment of partnership – which requires matching expectations, clear terms, and scope of involvement, with minimum future frictions.

For local investors, mostly private ones, we help form well-thought deals to match their nature without risking the company’s future investment rounds. With international investors (private, VCs, and other funds) we provide end-to-end solutions – from scouting all the way to the transaction and post-investment representation in the board.

Scouting & Screening

The lively start-up nation is a powerhouse for cutting-edge innovation and technologies. With thousands of companies and evergrowing deal-flow, we help investors and CVC get ongoing access to promising startups in relevant verticals, screen them to shortlists and make the initial engagement on your behalf. Our deep ecosystem reach secures quality prospects on all stages in various domains.

AI & Algorithm Dilligence

The firm provides objective and professional diligence for investors looking to invest in startups with AI & Algorithm IP, to secure a thorough well-examine decision process before actualizing an investment opportunity. The process is led by indihub’s Data Scientist, with a rich background in researching, developing, and examining startups’ AI intellectual property.

Investments & Portfolio Management

Indihub has extensive hands-on experience in all investment-related processes in startups, from pre-seed to pre-IPO. All the way from formulating an investment deal structure, to negotiating terms and managing the portfolio companies on the investor’s behalf (as board observers, board members, or other representation roles).

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