Corporate Innovation

Innovation Services For Organizations

As we believe each organization has its own culture, strategy and characteristics, we help them fulfill their vision of harnessing innovation – by a tailor-made methodology. Our greatest passion is to design and establish innovation platforms within these organizations that will synergize to their true needs and engage with opportunities from the lively ecosystem of innovation – whilst keeping them ahead of the competition.

We also provide special consultancy, scouting and screening services, dealflow pipelines, M&A with startups, representations in deals and other unique hands-on and result-driven services. The most common type of clients we have are the ones who have already “tasted” innovation and understand the potential impact of it on their business and are looking for someone to help them turn this into something operative and practical, with minimum risk and growing pains.

Corporate Venture Capital (CVC)

There is a growing number of corporates making capital investments in startups that have synergy to their business and strategy. The incentives vary from potential high financial return, integration of new products and models, competitive advantage, corporate responsibility, investor relations, adoption of innovation etc. We at indihub are helping organizations establishing CVC and corporate funds, from strategy and investment-focus up to the setup, deal flow, investment support and portfolio management. 

Innovation Arms, Accelerators & POC platforms

Corporates can provide startups unique value. Whether it’s their facilities, proof-of-concept, beta sites, access to data and knowledge, capital and other resources – these can be accurately assembled into an entire innovation pipeline to interact with startups and benefit from their success and growth. There are several models and activities to take advantage of these factors, amongst them are accelerators and launchpads, POC platforms, open innovation models and others – all can be easily planned and executed with our support. Read more about setting up innovation activity here.

AI & Big Data

Led by indihub’s partner – Dr. Teddy Lazebnik, the firm provides unique data-driven solutions. We propose production-ready algorithms, setting up in-house data and algorithms departments, machine learning models, and in-depth business analysis. Let the data you collect work for your company and give you the competitive advantage and scaling boost you need.

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